Simple Simon



Simple Simon

Symphony for Simple Simon is a fun musical production performed by League members to introduce the symphony to children. Aimed at pre-K through 3rd grade students, the musical, the booklet, and CD are tools for achieving music education objectives. Phil Harmonic teaches Simple Simon and the children about different instruments, demonstrating the sounds and playing techniques of each. The  Simon Simón  Singers  never forget that somewhere in that crowd of little children sits a conductor, violinist, or percussion leader of the future, or a business man or woman who will one day work hard to support the continuation of our wonderful Austin Symphony Orchestra.  Symphony for Simple Simon’s  proud heritage dates back to 1957 when Austin writer and humorist Anne Durrum Robinson offered 23 original rhymes about orchestral instruments to the Women’s Symphony League of Austin. Mrs. Robinson said that if the WSL would produce and promote the poems in an illustrated booklet she would donate all proceeds to the Austin Symphony. The WSL board immediately accepted her proposal. Artist Betsy Warren contributed outstanding illustrations of orchestral instruments and charming characters –Simple Simon and Phil Harmonic. Many thousands of booklets were sold, primarily to other symphony groups throughout North America.

In 1982, WSL charter member Joan King Holtzman set the poems to music. Committee Chairman Jenefred Heiderhorst Davies created enrichment activities related to the information in the songs, and Nancy McCoy chaired the production of a cassette, scheduling recording sessions for orchestra members and singer Barbara Amaral. In the final recording, Ms. Amaral sings each song accompanied by Mrs. Holtzman and followed by an orchestra member’s performance of a typical classical excerpt. In 1986 the book and cassette won the Award of Excellence at the annual convention of the American Symphony Orchestra League in Toronto. Production of a sparkling new edition in 1988 was chaired by Karen Owen, keeping the basics intact while making the book and cassette covers more attractive.

Since the early 1980s, WSL volunteers, the Simon Simón  Singers, have presented programs in elementary schools throughout Central Texas. The newest edition of Symphony for Simple Simon features artwork and design by the GSD&M advertising firm as well as a CD instead of a cassette.

Today, as a result of the talent and generosity of the author, composer, and curriculum specialist, children all over America have enjoyed the adventures of Simple Simon and have learned much about the Symphony in the process.

In 2016, Simple Simon and Simón Simón were combined into a multi-lingual program called Simon Simón.