Simón Simón


La Sinfónica de Simón  originated from the award winning educational program  Symphony for Simple Simon.  In 1999, WSL member Alegria Arce Hibbetts had the foresight to see that this wonderful musical program would be a beneficial learning tool for elementary-age English-speaking students who are studying Spanish and or speak Spanish as a primary language. She adapted five of the songs for performance in Spanish and organized a group of singers, the Simónitas,    who perform mainly in schools with large numbers of Spanish-speaking children.  The program is now performed by the Simon  Simón Singers.

A CD and Activity Booklet,  La Sinfónica de Simón, which complements this program and is designed with the parent or music educator in mind, may be used in part or in total. Various activities may be introduced following the initial presentation of the CD, or at the same time the CD is being played. Students of reading age may choose to follow the English lyrics while listening to the Spanish-language songs, thereby reinforcing the bilingual aspect of the program. At their discretion, teachers may choose to duplicate classroom copies of the songs or activities as learning tools. The ultimate objective of  La Sinfónica de Simón  is for young people to become more aware of the symphony, distinguishing between the four different instrument groups. It is this elementary introduction to the symphony that can lay the foundation for greater appreciation of music of all varieties. Performances of Simón Simón are presented each school year to local elementary children at different schools throughout the Austin district, as well as in other cities in Central Texas such at Laredo and San Antonio. Our performing troop of a dozen women travels onsite to the schools with instruments on hand. This fun and educational bilingual music education program for school-age children in grades K-3rd grade follows little Simón as he learns about the four instrument groups of the symphony in a 30-minute interactive performance by members of the WSL.  Bilingual workbook and CD,  La Sinfónica de Simón,  makes learning even more fun for students whose first language is Spanish. Follow little Simón as he meets all four instrument groups, and reinforce that experience with a series of fun learning activities while listening to the original lively songs in Spanish and English that introduce Simón to the symphony orchestra. $25.00 each includes postage. For more information or to schedule a performance of “La Sinfónica de Simón” at your school, please email

In 2016, Simple Simon and Simón Simón were combined into a multi-lingual program called Simon Simón.